They Expect Us to Believe This?

Do they really expect us to believe this?

Robert Mueller’s team is claiming that its phones were accidentally wiped 27 TIMES before turning them over to the Department of Justice.
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Mueller deputy Andrew Weissman claimed he entered the wrong passcode too many times, causing his phone to be “accidentally wiped.” Another lawyer said his phone spontaneously “wiped itself.”

It’s astonishing. Moreover, it’s a flimsy cover for obstruction. It looks like willfully destroying or, in this case, deleting potentially critical data.

The entire team, including Robert Mueller, should be subpoenaed to determine if this was intentional obstruction of justice or some other crime.

The ACLJ is preparing to file an FOIA request to get all the documents Mueller’s team signed when they got these phones, and get to the bottom of this.

The ACLJ has filed numerous lawsuits against the Deep State FBI and intelligence community. We’re unearthing evidence of corruption regarding Comey’s spies in the White House.

And the ACLJ recently won a key legal victory against the Deep State for refusing to turn over documents regarding “unmasking” – including the unmasking of Lt. Gen. Flynn.

The ACLJ is fighting to expose and defeat the Deep State. Join the fight with us. Sign the petition.

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