Frequently Asked Questions

Go to the Home Page, and under Login, to your account, you will see an option to Register Now! Click on the orange highlighted link and request a new account. It’s that simple!

We do not charge for membership to Patriot Hangout, but we do require all members to be true American Patriots. This platform is not for unpatriotic people, or anyone who disagrees with the US Constitution, and our values. We reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone, and we may look into your online presence to see who you are. Trouble makers and morons will be banned.

No. You must be living in America, and you must love America and the people living here. Citizenship is not a requirement of membership at this time. However, if you are an immigrant, you must be engaged in the legal process to become an American Citizen to become a member of this platform.

Yes! Please invite your America loving, Freedom-loving friends to join us!

The founders of Patriot Hangout were sick and tired of the abuses of Fakebook. They were continually labeling people and well-established facts as false information or misleading due to their many false narratives, evil plans for America and allegiance to the top 1% cult, and corrupt people who want to destroy America, like George Soros.

Absolutely! We accept donations to cover costs of the server, developer expenses, and maintenance. Soon we will be selling Trump2020 and Patriotic gear and that will also help us finance this platform. We do not monetize, share your information or allow ads at this time!