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We encourage freedom of constructive ideas, factual information, videos, images, memes, and Patriotic content! The reason this place exists is leftists have taken over social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Join us and help promote truth.

Meet New People all over the United States!

Meet like-minded individuals from all across the United States. It’s time we have a platform of our own. During the next several months, we’ll be laser-focused on supporting our President for reelection. Join the fight.

Awesome Features

We’ll be developing new features and launching a mobile app very soon. Stay tuned, and feel free to tell us what you would like to see! 

Find People with Your Same Interests

Many people have been afraid to support our President out of fear. Many on the left in America today have been brainwashed to believe lies about our President. It is time for the silent majority to speak up. It is time to meet people with similar interests. It is time to speak the truth about our President.


Why Patriot Hangout?

Quotes from other members and our staff.

It's About Time

We need to take our Country back, support our local law enforcement, openly support President Trump, get out an vote in November, and make a difference!

Arnold E Marquardt
Navy Veteran

No More Censorship!

We are done being pushed around by big tech companies who are corrupt. We are done having factual information "fact checked" and marked false by leftists with an agenda. This is perhaps the most important election of our lifetime. We will not be silenced. We will not be controlled.

Mike Marquardt


Life is good, eternity is better, let's get ready for both! I believe that God put President Trump in the office of POTUS to save our Country. Not that we deserve to be saved, but in His amazing Grace and Mercy, The Lord gave us Donald J Trump. We need to win again in November! Four more years!!!

David T Moore

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The Patriot Hangout mobile App is currently under development! With the new mobile application, you will be able to message other members, join live chat boards, view videos, download memes, listen to podcasts, login to your account, and much more! The launch date for availability is September 1, 2020! There will be a small one time fee to download the App, and 10% will go towards reelecting Donald J Trump, with remaining proceeds used to cover the costs of development and ongoing maintenance! The estimated one time charge will be $9.95.

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We’re offering hats, t-shirts, banners, and much more! 10% off all proceeds will go to the Trump Campaign! 

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